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Applications form

Post by Thunderboyx on Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:27 am

Mod/graphic designer/chat mod info

To be a mod, the following post count is needed.
Mods: 150

chat mod: 130

To be a graphic designer is a different story, you just have to make 2 pictures for the forum.
And post the pictures in another topic

You can choose to keep the normal posting rank or just have a moderator rank like it says that your a moderator below your username.
global mod info: To be a super mod, you have to the best mod medal, after that you can reply, There is no amount of posts you can have.

Medal Info

Medal Management
1 Our administrators are in charge of all forum medals.
2 All members can supervise the management of medals.
Note: The forum administrator determines who will have the medals. All members can post their applications in another topic, and after the discussion of the forum staff, corresponding players will be awarded the medals. Our administrators have the right to award players medals. Before you submit your applications, please make sure you are qualified.

To obtain medals
1 Administrators recommend
2 Members recommend

Medal Cancelled
Players who win forum medals should still abide by our forum rules, if you break any rules listed below, your medals will be confiscated or removed:
1 Post illegal and offensive content
2 Knowingly post cheating posts or unrelated posts( Other players can report this and administrators will verify their reports.)
3 Insult or slander other players
4 Your personal message or personal icon contains political, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, racial, sexually oriented, or threatening content.
5 Spread any content that goes against forum management.
(If your application content is not true, your medals will be removed forever.)

Reinstate Medals
1. Those players who make or made serious mistakes will be canceled qualification forever.
2. A new medal won’t be available until the previous one is reinstated
3. If a player whose medal was canceled temporarily behaves as rules in the following 30 days, the Mod should raise a reinstatement application for this player with a report on his/her behaviors.
4. The administrator will supervise the procedure.
Medals for Players

Example of a filled form:

Medal Application Format
Forum username: Thunderboyx
Which medal?: Blue smiley
Forum Status (which rank are you?): Admin
Application Time: February 4 Wednesday, 9:28 pm
Qualification (discuss why you deserve this medal): Active almost everyday, posted a lot of guides and games, and i contributed to a lot of other things.

Please do not copy what i said, or you won't get accepted.

If you don't know what a medal is, visit here

Special Rank information:
To be a special rank, you have to be at least a forum addict or/and answer the following questions with detailed information and have at least 150 posts.

Dominator: They have been on the forum for a long time. Treat them with respect.

Advanced Teddy bear: You must be a "Forum's Evil teddy bear" to become one.

Note: There will be more special ranks.

Dominator: 130

Advanced teddy bear: 430
[size=18][u][b](what you want to be) Applications[/b][/u][/size]

Why do you want to be a (what you want to be)?
Additional Comments:
How many posts:

[size=18][u][b]Medal Application Format[/b][/u][/size]
Medal Application Format
Forum username:
Which medal?:
Forum Status (which rank are you?):
Application Time:
Qualification (discuss why you deserve this medal):

You may be a lucky one to get picked.

Once you are a moderator, you get 10 points.

A special rank gets 5 points.

You can not earn more then one medal.

You will be lucky if you get picked and your application will be revised, not just a glimpsed at it, we will actually read it. Hope you get picked Grog
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