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Post by DoomBot on Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:58 pm

Okay, first of all this is not spam, so PLEASE don't close the thread or ban me. Some of you know me here so I am risking my credibility because I know it's worth it. Please just trust me and read all the way through.


A few months ago there was a quick post here on the forums for a new BETA website called Lockerz. At the time the website was still in infancy and not really "credible" nor did the offer for free stuff seem legit. However, I checked up the website on a great reference site for website scams and found that yes, it IS legit:

Let me say right now that yes, the website is real, and yes I can personally confirm that you earn free stuff for answering ONE daily question, logging in, and inviting friends.

Here is Lockerz on Facebook AND Twitter:

So what is Lockerz? This website was first forwarded to me by one of my previous marketing professors at the University of Washington. Basically Lockerz is one GIANT focus group. Corporations pay Lockerz to host a daily question or a potential television advertisement concerning areas of interest around their products or services. This is exactly what has been happening for the last few decades already, but corporations have been using small groups of people in little rooms to get feedback.

Lockerz is creating an online area where corporations can acquire near limitless feedback or essential data to their own respective sectors of industry. Lockerz members answer a survey question or watch and rate a television advertisement, and in return they accumulate points, or "ptz" which can then be redeemed for great prizes, such as an iPod, Macbook, PS3, XBOX, designer clothes, jewelry, scooters, and much else. Lockerz is able to give away prizes like these because the cost for them is only a fraction of the revenue that is coming in from the corporations who are paying for the hosting of questions or commercials. (Anyone in economics knows the marginal cost vs marginal benfit analysis) From a business marketing perspective this idea is ABSOLUTE GENIUS. Lockerz rakes in enormous profits from big corporations, and all they have to do in return is send out minor prizes to members once in awhile.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too until I got my free t-shirt in the mail and saw all the pictures of other prizes people have received via Facebook/Twitter/and even on CheatingNetwork. It's real people and I want to share it with my friends here on darkbb!

Best news about Lockerz right now, the website does not officially launch until mid-October. The site is currently still in BETA and therefore NOW is the BEST time to get on! Join Lockerz now while still in beta and you can become a Z-Lister and earn DOUBLE points for an entire year and get a special Z-Lister t-shirt to say thanks for helping beta test the website!


So how to get on Lockerz:

If you have tried the url you will have noticed that the website is invite only. This means that you have to be invited by a current member, ie: me.

All I need is an email address. I WILL NOT EVER SPAM you or send you emails of any kind. But if you don't trust me you can always give me a temporary or alternate email address. Once you create an account on Lockerz you can change your default email address no sweat through your profile settings.

And I won't lie or mislead here, I do get 2 ptz for every member I sign up, and I am looking to earn enough ptz for an iTouch. So if you have read this far please just take 30 seconds to send me a PM with an email address so I can send an invite. It takes 1 minute to sign up, so please just take a look, I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

Thanks everyone for reading. I really do appreciate it.
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