A husband arranged for his wife to be raped through a Craigslist ad.

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A husband arranged for his wife to be raped through a Craigslist ad.

Post by Thunderboyx on Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:25 pm

A husband arranged for his wife to be raped through a Craigslist ad.
night, a report emerged out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, describing a
sexual attack on a woman arranged through Craigslist. The woman's
husband allegedly conceived the encounter and now the man who took on
the "job," Rodney Liverman Sr. of Norwood, North Carolina, is charged
with first-degree rape and other *** offenses that took place on May

This report surfaces just weeks after Craigslist went
under fire for its Erotic Services section, with several Attorney
Generals threatening to take Craigslist's founder to court in order to
force him to remove the "naughty section." Although Craigslist
eventually complied, many questionable services found their way into
other areas on the website. Unfortunately, the report didn't go into
specific details regarding the rape ad, and Liverman's attorney has
refused to comment.

report also added that Liverman originally lived near
Lindstrom--located just north of Minneapolis-- for over ten years, and
owned a computer business. However, according to Liverman's
ex-landlord, he left last fall after a failed relationship, and hasn't
reappeared since a judge issued a harassment restraining order against
him back in October 23; his ex-wife claimed that he was an abusive

The actual sexual attack took place in Kannapolis,
North Carolina. Liverman broke into the victim's house while the woman
slept with her husband in their bedroom. He approached the couple,
withdrew a knife, and demanded $3,000 in cash. When the woman said that
she didn't have that kind of money, Liverman sexually assault her.

reports say that the husband did nothing to stop the assault, and
merely watched. Afterwards, he told her not to call the police, and to
take a shower. Police immediately suspected the husband just days after
the incident as there were no signs of a forced entry and information
that he provided "simply didn't add up."

According to the New York Daily News,
the husband was also charged with first-degree rape. Additionally,
Craigslist had a hand in locating Liverman, and apparently the Secret
Service was involved as well. While Liverman's bail was set at
$250,000, no additional information supplied in regards to the husband
in order to protect the privacy of the victim.
Source: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/craigslist-erotica-erotic-crime,news-4085.html
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