March 2, 2009 review

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March 2, 2009 review

Post by Thunderboyx on Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:43 pm

I've decided to let everybody know that we got out review from 2 days ago, and I'd like ot share it with everyone,

First Impressions

  • Activity (Score: 4/5):

    activity doesn't seem too bad, some of your forums haven't had any
    activity in a while. Try taking part in post exchanges on the forum and
    also sending out emails to some of your members to remind them about
    your website as they may have forgot.

  • Template (Score: 3/5):

    template is 'decent' I wouldn't go as far to say 'great' but
    nevertheless it doesn't have anything too wrong with it. I believe it
    doesn't create a big enough impact when arriving on your forum though.
    It's pretty plain and doesn't really have any depth Try adding some of
    the various shapes you have within your banner, to really give your
    template some 'kick.

First Impressions total: 7/10

Site Layout

  • Organization (Score: 8/10):

    on your forum appears to be in order. The only issue I have is the Chat
    Box at the top of your site. In my own opinion it looks messy, I'd
    totally scrap it... but if you do wish to keep it, make a special page
    devoted to it, or some sort of post requirement before users are able
    to see it. Apart from that I don't see any problems which need

  • Index Length/Number of Forums (Score: 8/10):

    index length is decent although I think it's a little short. I'm sure
    you and your staff team can think up some new ideas, it would be nice
    to see 2-4 new ones to give your members something 'a little extra' to
    post in. Not a major issue though, and if your really happy with how it
    is then I see no rush to amend it. I just believe it could get your
    posting up, and attract various other members.

Layout total: 16/20


  • Template Layout/Color Scheme (Score: 7/10):

    I'm honest with you, and it's going to sound harsh but your color
    scheme seems a little boring it's just plain black, it'd be nice if you
    could try to incorporate some blues and dark greens to the template?
    You can still make your website appear welcoming if you play the dark
    color scheme right. Scout around for a template with slightly more

  • Logo/Images (Score: 10/10):

    actually think this part of your sites great, the Icons next to each
    forum, and your logo at the the top work really well with the template.
    I haven't got anything to suggest really apart from stick with this

Style total: 17/20

Site moderation

  • Number of Staff (Score: 5/5):

    number of staff appears to be fine for the size your forum is, just
    keep adding an extra member to your team when necessary.

  • Staff Activity (Score: 5/5):

    staff members are active from what I could see, make sure you tell them
    to keep this up and not let them start slacking, as can happen quite
    easily on a forum. Nothing much to say on these sections

  • Staff Professionalism (Score: 3/5):

    issue what mainly affects your staff is the Chat Box, of course, I
    wouldn't expect you to act professional in a Chat Box, it's not made
    for that. But when it's at the top of the page and guests can see it,
    it's really not a good idea lol. If you decide to keep it there you're
    staff will need to be professional using capital letters and full stops
    otherwise it could easily turn potential members away from your site.

Moderation total: 13/15

Site activity

  • Posts Per Day (Score: 19/20):

    at a rough estimate your getting around 45 posts a day, this is a
    really good amount, especially to keep over a period of six months. You
    must be doing something right. No one should get full marks in this
    section though, as there's always something which can be done to get
    more. Whether it be post exchanges, or more advertising.

  • Number of Members (Score: 8/10):

    nice number to have after 2 months, make sure you don't let your
    advertising slip though, there's always new members to be found, it's
    often the same case as something you lose, it's always in the last
    place you look. Maybe you want to consider having some of your staff
    team primarily devoted to the target of advertising to gain more
    members? Other then that well done.

  • Post/Member Ratio (Score: 5/5):

    average out at around 47 posts per member which is a great amount for
    how long your sites been around. I often don't give out full marks on
    these areas but you deserve it. Keep up whatever your doing to keep
    your members on the site, as it appears to be working.

Activity total: 32/35

Overall mark: 85/100

What could be done to improve the site: Getting rid of the Chat Box, or placing it somewhere different. Having a slightly more advanced template.

What is the best thing you liked about the site:
You've gained a great score from this review really, I really like the
images you've used. Good luck to the future of your forum.

We got rid of the XAT chat, We got a new template...

So if you have any comments, please comment right here...

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Re: March 2, 2009 review

Post by Thunderboyx on Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:41 pm

Our other review

First Impressions - (Out of 20)
The first thing I see is that banner, witch I do not think goes with your forum that well, as I move down the forum, it starts to look better i think everything looks clean and nice, not to dark witch is good.
(Scored 15/20)

Site Layout - (Out of 20)
Your layout of the forum is very good, you have grasped that concept very well, non of your forum seems to be over crowded, you have good description's under all your forums.

I like the icons you have used and find they are quite relevant to the forum its placed on.

I know your a forum with everything on it, but I find sites that have an advertisement section are making them sections to get more members, while this may work a little bit, it also makes you look like your really struggling for members/posts/
(Scored 19/20)

Forum Statistics - (Out of 20)

Our users have posted a total of 2912 messages

We have 66 registered users

The newest registered user is Jack

For the amount of members you have you have a good amount of posts, but for a forum having 66 members i would expect them to have a good 4000 or even 6000 post.

If you want your members to post more, give them a good reason to, get some interesting topics started, try and hold some contests with some good prizes, this is a fantastic way to get members, also be more creative with your forum, give members something they can't get on other forums.
(Scored 15/20)

Staff Moderation - (Out of 20)
When ever you have had spam you have been quick to remove it, but I think it should be removed some where else as I can see all the spam topics.

But on the whole you and your staff seem to do a very good job, just remember as your forum gets more active you will need more staff.
(Scored 20/20)

Spelling and Grammar - (Out of 20)
From what i can see your spelling and grammar is very good, no text language at all witch is very good, as text language is not very good and will drive members away.
(Scored 20/20)

Total Score - (89 Out of 100)

Final Remarks:

What was most liked about the website/forums:

I love the icons used in the style, works very well with all the dark bits on the site.

What was disliked most about the website/forums:
You need to make a new and wider banner, it does not suet the style at all.

How could I get you (The Reviewer) to join my website?
Well I'm not in to "everything in one place forums" but if you where to add something other forums did not offer I would be willing to join!

(Final Score 89/100)

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Re: March 2, 2009 review

Post by Xclipse on Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:08 am

we got another review

Review wrote:Theme = 4/5:

Your theme isn't too excellent and is not bad at all! Your forum is too wide! the thing at the top is cool so good work on that! it's good that you have a dark skin, it suits a general discussion forum Razz

Members = 0/5:

I can see your forum is open for more than 200 days and have only 60 + members! this is VERY VERY low! it needs to be increased!

Posts = 2/5:

The amount of posts you got isn't that bad but it isn't too good! your forum has been open for more than 200 days and have only 2500 + posts? I think, A site old as yours, should get like 6000 posts till now!

Index length (Score: 5/5):

You have enough categories and forums for a general discussion forum and it isn't hard to browse you site! good work!

Organization (Score: 5/5):

Your forum looks really well organized to me!!! Very good work!

Pictures (Banner / Nav Bars) (Score: 4/5)

The banner is really cool and well made! also the navbars are cool but it should be blue / green / black color! so it can match the theme perfectly!

Number of Staff (Score: 4/5):

Your number of staff appears to be fine but you should demote 1 / 2 inactive staff and hire another one!

Staff Activity (Score: 3/5):

Some of your staff looks like inactive and they are not coming on lately! not all staff came on forum since last week! you should remind them to come on and be active!

Staff Professionalism (Score: 4/5):

Your staff are acting professionally! Well done on it! but your staff sometimes posts messages that are not contributing in the discussion!

What i will rate your site of 100? : 67/100

What could be done to improve the site: Reduce the width of your site, demoted 1 / 2 staff and hire another! advertise much more! keep getting packages!

What is the best thing you liked about the site: The theme and index length

Good luck with your site! It is looking really great! Well done!


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Re: March 2, 2009 review

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